Technology is advancing, competition is growing, and the customer is at the center.

The business world is required to keep pace with ever-increasing changes; Digital transformations, transition to the cloud, correct use of artificial intelligence, implementation of systems such as CRM and ERP, and integration of algorithms for predicting customer desires in service and sales.
All of these create new challenges for service managers, marketing, operations, sales, finance, supply chain, human
resources – and of course for CIOs, CFOs, CMOs and CEOs.

Tami Zeitan and Idit Lesser created ‘IT Solutions’ in 2006 to bridge the gap between information systems and business.
This connection was able to produce change and provide the leading companies with fully professional and comprehensive support for their needs to renew, develop and advance both technologically and business-wise.

Today, the team includes over 30 experts who produce business and technological solutions for leading companies and accompany companies and organizations in all challenges that require comprehensive solutions – processes of assimilating information systems, improving organizational processes, customer interfaces, carrying out a comprehensive digital
transformation, leading business growth and developing omnichannel and channel-less service channels, moving to
dynamic systems based on cloud computing and many more.

Over the years, ‘IT Solutions’ has gained a lot of experience in hundreds of projects for the leading customers in the economy in a variety of fields – retail, finance, services, infrastructure, communication, health, and more. This experience is available to our clients as a resource for driving innovation, business success, and organizational advancement.

At the core of our solutions is a work method consisting of three layers

As external consultants and an experienced Project Managers, we can analyze the business environment in a way that the organization is not always able to see for itself. We can diagnose solutions, suppliers, and work plans objectively and in optimal accordance with the client's needs, without biases and interests.

The in-depth process includes getting into the thick of the customer's activity. We are present in the field, in centers, and interfaces with customers and suppliers. We study the organization from the inside and in-depth – from organizational processes to technological systems and business activity. Identify opportunities and strengths, weaknesses, and "business pains" that require treatment.

Our commitment to the client's success includes leading and managing the project in all its aspects, with a hands-on approach, activating suppliers and factors within the organization, and continuing to accompany the moves until the business goals are achieved and practically applied.

Our method: Omnistep

We believe that the basis for growth is the combination between the human and professional infrastructure and the
technological levers that move the business forward.
The unique combination of the business and the technological world at ‘IT Solutions’ is the secret to creating successful and effective organizational solutions.

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